• 3G/4G SIM card connectivity

    Switch to 3G/4G mobile connectivity if you’re on the road or if your Wi-Fi drops out. You’ll never miss a payment again.

  • Sleek 5-inch touchscreen

    A smooth touchscreen interface with an easy-to-clean glass surface.

  • Wi-Fi enabled

    Connect to your Wi-Fi connection for smooth, portable payments.

  • Lightweight but durable

    The Dojo Go is a sleek, lightweight terminal, easy to carry around but durable enough to last.

  • Built-in thermal printer

    Print receipts for you and your customers easily with the integrated printer.

  • Intuitive interface

    Card payments and refunds are fuss-free with easy-to-use interfaces and intuitive technology. 

  • Contactless and Apple and Google Pay enabled

    Stay up to date with customer preferences by accepting digital wallet payments from the get-go.

  • Market-leading security

    All Dojo card machines use point-to-point encryption – the world’s best payment security. It makes PCI compliance a breeze and gives you peace of mind. 

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